Sunday, September 30, 2007

goodbye to chemo

I had my last chemo on Friday. Now I sit and wait for the familiar sequence of side effects. Today is "everything tastes like shit day," which will likely end tomorrow when "coming down from the antinausea drugs" kicks in. Then "I am so hungry but can't eat much day" will hit, then my bones will hurt, then my blood counts will dive in two weeks, then I'll start feeling normal again. The best part about this last cycle is that I won't start feeling better just to get knocked down again!

Last Thursday, the day before the final chemo, I went to Lowes and bought some melon color paint for an old bookcase of mine. This bookcase is going to go in the room I'm setting up as a studio. It'll take time for my strength to gather, but I'm determined to start making the house my own by painting something a lovely color and setting it up in a Room With a Purpose. Small significant steps. :) I also got some hardware for my wall shelves.

Preparations for setting up my first studio: stud finder, check. Drill, check. Laser level, check. Wall screws, check. Cats to supervise, check. Bed for frequent naps, check.

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St. Blogwen said...

Hi, I saw today you'd marked my blog ( as a Favorite. Thanks!

God's blessings and strength to you as you come out of the chemo phase. I haven't experienced it for myself, but I imagine it must be like being washed up on a beach exhausted after a hard pounding by the surf.

Two of my close friends, sisters, recently went through the breast cancer tango. For the one whose treatment was latest, I'd say her biggest challenge is saying No to people who see how good she now looks and expect her to be back 100%. And with two small children, an old farmhouse she's renovating with her husband, and a busy-bee mother-in-law, that's not easy.

I might comment on one of your earlier postings about the wood vs. vinyl window issue. But right now I gotta hurry up and research wet area floor primer. Got an appraiser coming on Thursday and my concrete basement shower is a mess!

Kate H.