Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Yet another blog...

I've started another blog. It's intended to be a listing of sites/resources I've found with regard to historic designations and home owner politics in Roanoke. Here is the link:

Community Gardens

I attended our neighborhood association meeting last night and heard a terrific presentation from a guy named Mark Powell who has started some community gardens in Roanoke. What a neat dude! I was so impressed with his attitude and committment to the cause that I volunteered my back yard for use as a community garden this year. The part that convinced me this was a Good Idea was the fact that all the gardens his organization plants are organic. Perfect!

I thought that having a community garden in my yard would be a wonderful life affirming thing. What better way to get my strength back from my cancer treatment? And make new friends to boot!

One of my neighbors is already talking to me about planting in my yard. Bring on the seeds!

Monday, February 18, 2008

Bring Spring! Like, Now!

I have that flu that's been stomping through the Roanoke area. Somewhere along the line it managed to turn into bronchitis.

Four more radiation treatments and I am oficially done with cancer forevah! Like, totally.

The house is neglected, poor thing, while I cough and hack. I have a basement drain to unstop as soon as I can muster the energy for it. Ah! The joys of home ownership. Bring on the baking soda, vinegar, and the snake. Oh yeah!

A friend has offered to help me plant a garden this year. I seriously need to look at some garden planning books. I have big dreams of an herb garden and a labyrinth.

Here's a description of how one goes about walking a labyrinth on the site:

Wouldn't it be lovely to have one right in one's own backyard? Ya know, next to the chicken coop? :)