Monday, February 18, 2008

Bring Spring! Like, Now!

I have that flu that's been stomping through the Roanoke area. Somewhere along the line it managed to turn into bronchitis.

Four more radiation treatments and I am oficially done with cancer forevah! Like, totally.

The house is neglected, poor thing, while I cough and hack. I have a basement drain to unstop as soon as I can muster the energy for it. Ah! The joys of home ownership. Bring on the baking soda, vinegar, and the snake. Oh yeah!

A friend has offered to help me plant a garden this year. I seriously need to look at some garden planning books. I have big dreams of an herb garden and a labyrinth.

Here's a description of how one goes about walking a labyrinth on the site:

Wouldn't it be lovely to have one right in one's own backyard? Ya know, next to the chicken coop? :)


Fred said...

4 more treatments left--that's awesome. My neighbor just underwent chemo and radiation. His doctor said that one day, we'll look back on how we treat cancer and be amazed that we had to put people through so much to save their lives. I hope that day comes soon.

Anyhow, the herb garden is a cool idea. I've never had much of a green thumb. Seems likely everything I try to grow falls flat :-(

One Project Closer

Jen said...

You will love the herb garden. I had one before we moved. I should have dug up some of the plants, but I didn't. Yeah about the treatments.