Saturday, December 22, 2007

Having a Cool Yule. Literally!

It's been a couple of weeks since I updated and there isn't really much to report. The boyfriend helped me pick out some curtains for the TV room and hung them for me a few days ago. They're heavy velvety brocade in muted browns and beiges. They look much better than they sound. :) I did find my camera last week but have misplaced it again. It's been like that for the past 3 weeks.

I've done a little decorating for the holidays though I never did get a proper tree up. Both the bf and I are not physically up for hauling his tree from the attic so we've made do with the 2 foot table top tree that belonged to his mother. It has fiber optic lights and is super cute.

I've been hurting enough from surgery that I haven't felt like doing much. I did go back to work and that's been taking my house energy away. Ah well. Patience is my lesson this season and it will all eventually get done.

I did cover my leakiest windows with plastic and have noticed a huge difference in the breeziness of the joint. Or rather, lack of breeze in the joint. My electric bill came in and it's just awful. The lack of insulation in my walls and my leaky windows are the guilty parties. The fireplace guy said that the $4000.00 high efficiency wood burning stove would solve my heating bill and that I would, in fact, be wearing shorts in the house because the heat would be so intense. I have to admit that the idea of shoving logs in the stove and ignoring the windows and walls would be lovely. Now all I need is 4k and lots of wood. :)

This is my first Christmas season without my mom. It's been tougher than I thought it would be. Friends tell me that they've never stopped missing their parents who have passed but celebrating the season brings them some joy. I know my mom would love my mantle and the festive goodies I put on it.

I didn't do a lot for Solstice but did count my blessings. The bf lives on top of a mountain and the snowy view is so beautiful that I remembered why I love this time of year so much. I'm lighting lots of candles and celebrating the light's return. :)


Heidispins said...

Hi there Cate Sky! Hope you had a lovely holiday! The first without a parent is the worst, I suppose. I always wear my dad's red Pendleton shirt that he always wore on Christmas, and usually my mom's Christmas bell, but truthfully the jangling gets so annoying that this year it just hung on the doorknob! I went to a lovely Solstice celebration and am so grateful that I now live in a place where that is possible! I was thinking of you and regrettably never did get a Happy Holidays email off to ya!
Hugs from Heidi

PS - Are you on Ravelry? (on line fiber community)

Skymosher said...

I love the idea of wearing something of my mom's on the holidays. :) What a great idea.

I hope you had a wonderful Holiday!

I did join ravelry. I can't remember my screen name though. lol.