Friday, February 29, 2008

It's over, done, kaput...

One week ago today I finished radiation but more importantly, my entire 8 1/2 months of cancer treatment. :) I've been mostly sleeping this week, in between going back to work half time.

A small group of friends, including the uber fabulous chicken men, showed up and surprised me at the last treatment. Another friend, who is a cancer survivor, came with flowers. The radiation staff gave me a certificate. How cool is that?

My wonderful boyfriend took us out for breakfast afterward.

It's great to feel my energy slowly come back.


Jennifer said...

Congratulations! WOOHOO! This is GREAT news.

Kent said...

You know I'm telling everyone, like people in line at the grocery store, I had breakfast with an impresario (who bought me the breakfast!).

I saved the newspaper article today about the community garden project, just in case you haven't seen it.

Knitting group needs to move this week, btw, they're closing Sunday to Wednesday for repairs. We're supposed to hook up with them Sunday for the roller derby.

Hmm, that was more than a comment.

(You've looked positively radiant whenever I've seen you. No pun intended.)

Anonymous said...

Yeah Cate!!!!! So very thankful that you are done with treatments and are well again! Thanks for the labyrinth link! I've thought of making my own, but believe it or not there are a couple of labyrinths within 5- 7 miles of my house that I can walk whenever the mood strikes me, so I think I'll stick with that for now. Actually, within 7 miles I have 2 labyrinths, marimba lessons, and a Zen Buddhist monastery with open meditation! Pretty cool, eh?

I'm getting ready to order a pattern for a dragon shawl!


Skymosher said...

Thanks Jen! It's so weird to not have to go to a medical office on a daily basis. :)

Kent, I haven't seen the article about the Comm gardens yet! Thanks for saving it. :) They've already plowed and tilled the big area in my yard. Let me know where you want to move knitting this week. I'd be happy to have it at my house. Or yours. haha!

Heidi, thanks! I think I need to kidnap some of your cool NW practitioners. :D And you must send me the link for that dragon shawl!!!

Anonymous said...

That's great news Kate! Bright blessings are shining on you!

Laurie's Lambs
Chesterfield, NJ

Anonymous said...

Here ya go: