Sunday, March 9, 2008

Community garden, part the second

The gracious Mr. Mark Powell met one of my neighbors at my house last weekish to have a gander at my yard. My next door neighbor, a retired man who mowed my lawn all last summer when I was too sick to do it, came out and joined the conversation. I'm guessing that the sight of two strangers, one long haired, set off his neighborly concern alarm. The upshot is that he donated the use of his plow to the cause and a few days later I had a big plowed and tilled area in my back yard.

I went over to thank him a couple of days ago and he said that my gardening buddies impressed him enough that he was happy to lend them the plow. Apparently he was right in there plowing with my other neighbor with whom he seems to have bonded.

This never would have happened in my old neighborhood in Jersey.

Mark dropped off a set of rules for the gardeners and a lease for me. I suppose the next step is to figure out who wants a spot and how many we're going to create in the yard.

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Jennifer said...

What a fun idea! I can't wait to see how it turns out.